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Individual Therapy

Duration: 60 Mins

Fee: $150 + HST 

Meet with me one on one to address and manage unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and habits that may be having a negative impact on your self-worth and self esteem. We will work together to explore barriers and help you gain a better sense of self in order to attain personal growth and meet your goals. 

Common Issues I work with: 

  • Low Self Esteem and Self Worth 

  • Anxiety and Depression 

  • Loss and Grief 

  • Suicidal Thoughts and or Self-Harming Behaviour 

  • Trauma and PTSD 

  • Adult Children of immigrant parents from collectivist backgrounds who want to work on navigating identity issues, setting boundaries and managing toxic or unhealthy Cultural/Religious expectations 

Relationship Therapy

Duration: 75 Mins

Fee: $200 + HST 

Let's face it, relationships can be complicated! It is normal to experience conflict and run into unhealthy patterns of behavior. During sessions, we will meet together to discuss concerns each person may have and the impact it is having on the relationship.


During couples therapy session, we will work towards enhancing communication, building trust, and identifying healthy ways to approach marital/relational conflict. When working with couples, I draw from the Emotion-Focused Therapy Model and the Gottman Method. 

During family therapy sessions, the goal is to ensure that family members feel heard and better understand one another to enhance the well-being of the individual and family unit.

Common Issues I work with: 

  • Conflict Management 

  • Emotion Regulation 

  • Building Communication and Trust 

  • Navigating impact of past trauma on current relationships

  • Parenting 

Note that it is possible to work on some of these concerns through individual counselling when family members refuse to take part in counselling. 



Duration: 60 Mins

Fee: $150 + HST 


Duration: 75 Mins

Fee: $100 + HST 


Duration: 2 Hrs

Fee: $100 + HST 

I provide clinical supervision for therapists who need additional resourcing in order to better support their clients. I describe my approach to supervision as holistic and integrated in nature. I use a combination of talk therapy models as well as somatic interventions to guide supervisees in their work with clients. Exploring the self of the therapist is very important in my approach and includes naming parts of the therapist that are being activated in sessions and learning how to manage these parts. I draw from many years of experience working both in agency and private practice settings. I am a Trauma Certified Clinician. For Muslim Clinicians who are looking to better support their Muslim clients, I draw from my knowledge of Islamic Psychology.

I provide online individual, dyadic and group supervision. 

Models that I draw from: 

  • CBT & DBT

  • Narrative and Emotion Focused

  • Somatic Interventions - IFS, Parts Work & Trauma Processing

  • Islamic Psychology 

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